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DFP #30 – Beyond Life and Death

It’s the last episode of season two and there’s SO much to absorb. So much that we call on Gabriel Hardman and Conor Kilpatrick to help process The Black Lodge, BOB and all the other David Lynch goodness for… Read More

DFP #29 – Miss Twin Peaks

It’s the social event of the season, the Miss Twin Peaks pageant and who better to join us to experience it than Francine The Lucid Dream from the The Pink Room Burlesque! BONUS: The David Lynch Movie Music… Read More

DFP #28 – The Path to the Black Lodge

The $500 prize for winning Miss Twin Peaks can change lives and we thank Anthony Carboni of We Have Concerns and The Star Wars Show for reminding us of that. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #27 – Variations on Relations

Enter the Heavy Metal Youth and a comically large move made by Windom Earle. We compare Twin Peaks to the  Star Wars Prequels and more with guest Joseph Scrimshaw. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #26 – On The Wings of Love

Love is in the air and Gordon Cole can hear Shelly clear as a bell. Bryan Burnett joins us to partake in some counter esperanto of our own. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #25 – Wounds and Scars

Whose outfits are more ridiculous: Windom Earle’s or Billy Zane’s? We welcome Scott Johnson to help us figure it out. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #24 – The Condemned Woman

Enter: Billy Zane. Joining us to celebrate Billy Zane, Norma and Ed and Josie’s fate is screenwriter and filmmaker Mallory O’Meara MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #23 – Slaves and Masters

A big episode, directed by Diane Keaton, brings a special guest with John Thorne of Wrapped In Plastic. Just how Twin Peaks can Twin Peaks get? MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #22 – Double Play

We move to releasing episodes twice a week until season 3 starts and to kick things off, we welcome Brian Ibbott of Coverville and The Morning Stream to join us as things start to wrap up, and in some… Read More

DFP #21 – Checkmate

The civil war erupts as the action goes down at the Dead Dog Farm and Windom earle makes a move. We make a move of our own by welcoming New York Times Bestselling author Rob Reid, of the… Read More