DFP #31 – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

We revisit the last days of Laura Palmer, a Twin Peaks without Mark Frost, and more hints at the fate of Agent Cooper. And we’re joined by the inimitable Sarah Lane.


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One Comment on “DFP #31 – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

  1. Again, I’m real late but did y’all talk about the fact that FWWM showed Bobby killing a guy and how that was never even alluded to in the show? Perhaps I missed y’all talking about it since I’m listening to this at work but I just thought that was way out of left field. It’s something that I thought y’all would touch on but you didn’t. Anyway, just curious how you thought that might fit into the larger narrative.
    Also, I thought Chet was very much a Dale Cooper character. Also, also, Keifer Sutherland’s character seemed very autistic to me but I’m not sure if that’s what they were trying to convey since this was made before Autism was very much in the public mind.

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