DFP #22 – Double Play

We move to releasing episodes twice a week until season 3 starts and to kick things off, we welcome Brian Ibbott of Coverville and The Morning Stream to join us as things start to wrap up, and in some cases, resolution can’t come soon enough.


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One Comment on “DFP #22 – Double Play

  1. I know I’m YEARS LATE to this podcast but, I can’t believe y’all didn’t say anything about how Coop just lets Dwayne KEEP HIS GUN when he puts them in the room together. I get that she’s this sexual creature and Dwayne wouldn’t have actually shot her but still. Why did they think that was a good idea? I was really excited to hear y’alls shredding of that one point and it didn’t happen and I was disappointed.
    Anyway, I love this podcast and this show so thank you for doing it!

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