DFP #46 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 16

They don’t call it TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN for nothin’, and oh what a return it was. Numerous questions get answers and in classic David Lynch and Mark Frost style, we’re left with more questions. Garrett Weinzierl joins us to congratulate Tom on his prediction and continue to marvel at the amazing television that is Twin Peaks.


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5 Comments on “DFP #46 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 16

  1. Bad Cooper actually hinted that he was Richard’s father prior to saying “Goodbye, My son.” He told Richard to go up the hill first because Bad Cooper was “25 years his senior.” That was the moment I was convinced he was the father. We all know this is 25 years from the original series. We also know Bad Cooper visited Audrey’s hospital room 25 years ago on the night he disappeared from Twin Peaks. Bad Cooper obviously knows he is 25 years older because he knows he was conceived 25 years ago in that hospital room.

  2. Love the podcast, but you failed to mention that at the end of the episode, the band was playing backwards. You think there are 2 Road Houses or is the Road House in an alternate reality? I was always intrigued by the Red Curtains at the Road House.

  3. Listening to your podcast now. As someone who spent 30 years in law enforcement (forensics), believe me, REAL officers – local or FBI – would have been calling for backup, ascertaining the situation to see if they weren’t outmanned and outgunned, but definitely being more proactive than the idiot left to do surveillance. Notice he didn’t even go up to the Jones residence to see what the Mitchum brothers and their crew were doing when that was suspicious and out of the ordinary. So he (I don’t recall his name – another useless minor character) is inept thru and thru and I would not only bring him up on charges of negligence but boot him out of the FBI.

    As for our trailer park trash hit couple – GOOD RIDDANCE! The Corleones would never put up with idiots like that! If you’re “undercover” and waiting for your victim, then if someone walks up and says ‘You’re blocking my driveway,’ don’t argue or bring suspicion to yourself. Just move! But seeing that if you put Hutch and Dumb-Dumb’s brains together it still wouldn’t make a full one… I’m glad they’re gone; not a fan and can’t believe there are people online saying ‘Oh I’ll miss them because I hoped there would be a big showdown with them and blah-blah-blah.’ They died as they deserved.

    When I heard the accountant’s accent, I went “Uh-oh” because Russian mob immediately sprung to mind. Once he headed for the trunk I was already grinning because I KNEW what was going to happen next. And what a glorious bloodbath. It was almost Peckinpah-ish! It was close to Tarentino-like. It came oh so close to being Bonnie and Clyde or Sonny Corleone, but I felt bad for those movie characters when THEY died.

    Anyway, I don’t know what made me laugh harder: the death of the trailer park trash hit couple or Richard Horne’s blaze of glory exit. I’m just glad COOPER IS BACK! One more week of Dougie and I was ready to put my own fork in it and call it done (figuratively).

    • At the Federal level – during specific stake outs, Federal officers will do their absolute utmost to leave local matters to the locals and sit and observe so-as not to ruin their own case.
      Otherwise, at the first gunshot, those agents would have been in action and interceded.

  4. Coming late to the podcast, and while Tom was correct on his guess about when we’d see Agent Cooper, a guest on the podcast, Rob Reid during show (DFP #32 – Books and Season 3 Speculation), said around the 34 minute mark he’d be disappointed if he saw Bob out of Dale Cooper before episode 17. He was close!

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