DFP #47 – Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 17 & 18

A maelstrom of emotions as Twin Peaks: The Return winds up leaving us wanting more. Gabriel Hardman and Conor Kilpatrick join us to talk the fates of Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne, Judy, Mrs. Tremond and the frog.


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3 Comments on “DFP #47 – Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 17 & 18

  1. Hell yes!!! thank you for this podcast guys, loved it as a companion to season 3, hope you do many more!!!

  2. Some great theories and ideas there, fellas!
    While I hope we get another new season I am also loving that Twin Peaks has again ended and left people wondering. It just wouldn’t be Twin Peaks if everything was solved and clear to the viewer.
    Will definitely be binge-rewatching the whole season again soon.

  3. Laura/Carrie said: Usually when someone like you shows up. I smash the door in their face. Does this mean that Mr. C or Cooper himself has been there before? And the sex scene with Diane seems very important, because that was obvious Mr. C. Because she had gone crazy, by trying to cover up his face. So was this a flashback?

    When Cooper/ Mr. C shows up in the woods, Diane asks: Is it really you?

    I think it all comes down on the lines, The One Armed Man delivers: Is it past or is it future….

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