DFP #45 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 15

From the big romantic payoff, to Sunset Boulevard, to saying goodbye to a beloved character, this episode of Twin Peaks had it all. Ken Denmead from Geekdad joins us to revel in the rollercoaster of emotions brought to us by the Convenience Store.


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6 Comments on “DFP #45 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 15

  1. Loved part 15. Really starting to pull it all together and getting some emotional pay offs now.

    Quick correction re. coops texts – the first one was about the dinner table conversation.

    The second one was ‘Las Vegas?’ – Diane responds with ‘They haven’t asked yet’. So assuming this is the same text as that and there’s been a bit of a time difference.

    • Edit – don’t need those corrections since you already did it a few mins later!

      I will say though that this show is life-enriching and it’ll be sad when it’s all over. I’m not ready to cross that threshhold.

  2. The MP3 interface never works on my iPhone. If I can’t listen in the go, I’ll stop listening all together. Please get your site working so I can support your podcast.

    • Sorry about that Zach – we’ll take a look and see what we can do. In the meantime, you can download the show from a podcast app like iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts

  3. Hey Damn fine community!
    Here is a peaks fan, obsessed with the return, following your podcast from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve only discovered you a couple of weeks ago and have been listening to your intake on the whole thing. It has been so conforting listening to some of the same comments or connections we were doing back here. Anyway, just felt excited and wanted to say hi, I’m happy to have joined you for the end of this amazing rollercoaster.
    I promise to report back if either the weird black box or Jeffries himself turn up here in Buenos Aires again.

    Btw, I’m pro dougie waking up, come on, the fork has got to do it.

    Congrats on the podcast and keep It up!

  4. Hi there from London,UK. I was thinking that ‘Judy’ might actually refer to Garland Briggs as some kind of nick name or code word Philip Jeffries has for him. In series 2 ep21 Garland when drugged even says his name is odd and refers to Judy Garland which is where the code name could have come from. Jeffries tells Bad Coop that he has already met Judy who could actually be Major Briggs. What do you think? Would love to hear both of your thoughts. Thanks.

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