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DFP #10 – Coma

It’s with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Miguel Ferrer, who portrayed Special Agent Albert Rosenfield on Twin Peaks. It’s fitting that we welcome special guest, Gabriel Hardman who is the biggest fan of Albert we… Read More

DFP #9 – May the Giant Be With You

Season 2 kicks off with a extra special, double sized premiere episode and just as we get answers, we get even more questions thanks to a visiting giant. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #8 – The Last Evening

It’s the big season one finale and we’re joined by Sarah Lane to help us keep track of all the cliffhangers. Who lives, who dies and who almost sleeps with her father? MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #7 – Realization Time

We welcome Conor Kilpatrick of iFanboy and Goodfellas Minute to the show as all roads lead to One Eyed Jack’s and Cooper gives us words to live by. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #6 – Cooper’s Dreams

The Icelanders arrive at the Great Northern, James and Donna expand the Scooby gang and Cooper and the boys take a field trip into the woods. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #5 -The One Armed Man

Lucy turns cold to Andy, Ben hatches a plan but so does Audrey, and we finally meet Hank and his domino. But we don’t get to meet Ben Lydecker, just about the best darnn veterinarian in these parts, because he’s… Read More

DFP #4 – Rest In Pain

Cooper continues his love affair with Twin Peaks, we meet the Bookhouse Boys and Leland Palmer takes a leap…of grief MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #3 – Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer

And with this episode, things take a weird turn by way of Tibet and Cooper’s dreams. Oh, and I’d like you to meet Albert Rosenfield. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #2 – Traces to Nowhere

Our first utterance of “Damn Fine Cup of Coffee” and a fish makes its way to a very unlikely place. MP3 Support us on Patreon

DFP #1 – Twin Peaks Pilot

Ron Richards and Tom Merritt begin their re-watch journey of Twin Peaks in advance of its return to TV. The pilot finds Laura Palmer dead, wrapped in plastic. MP3 Support us on Patreon