DFP #8 – The Last Evening

It’s the big season one finale and we’re joined by Sarah Lane to help us keep track of all the cliffhangers. Who lives, who dies and who almost sleeps with her father?


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4 Comments on “DFP #8 – The Last Evening

  1. Your podcast is great! Im binge watching the first season on a sick day. TP came out when i was in 11th grade. My dad an I watched evey episode together. One morning my dad showed up at school and pulled me from class and said we were going have lunch at the MAR T 2 hours south of where we lived. It was one of my best memories with my dad, we did a tour all over North Bend and saw a lot of the filming sites. On the way out of the MAR T my dad handed me the coffee cup he took from the cafe. This was really unlike him. He said he left a ten dollar tip and that should cover it. I’m drinking coffee out of it now. A damn fine cup of coffee too if I might add. Black as always.

  2. Requisite Fawning: Thanks so much for doing this podcast! Enjoy going back over all that I had forgotten and looking forward to what is in store ahead for all of us.

    Aw Come On Guys Comment: You were discussing Donna suddenly thinking to look inside the coconut and remaking on how that could be. Remember in episode 7 when they listened to Laura’s tape? Laura very plainly referred to secrets. Specifically to Dr. Jacoby’s coconut.

    Just goes to show how much is packed into this show. It’s no Ulysses but then more people recognize Lynch than Joyce.

    Thanks again.

  3. Regarding Shelly washing her hair in the sink, that used to be very common 20-30 years ago. Maybe it is a Southern thing. I remember washing my hair in the sink years ago and my mom and grandmother washing their hair in the kitchen sink.

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