DFP #9 – May the Giant Be With You

Season 2 kicks off with a extra special, double sized premiere episode and just as we get answers, we get even more questions thanks to a visiting giant.


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3 Comments on “DFP #9 – May the Giant Be With You

  1. In regards to Donna’s behavior; she begins to take on Laura’s traits when she wears Laura’s sunglasses (smoking, sultry walk and talk). In Fire Walk with Me, Laura yells at her for wearing her sweater. Saying, “never wear my clothes!” Laura knew that her physical adornments would have an effect on Donna. A loss of innocence, maybe? Expound upon this at length, please.

  2. Isn’t the old waiter an earthly representation of the Giant? Or at least some other supernatural entity? You both talked as if he was just some weird old man and I don’t believe it to be as simple as that.

    • Apologies for giving you that impression. We’ve discussed him being a version of the giant previously and just assumed you all knew that. Sorry for the confusion.

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