DFP #43 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 13

You know, we’re starting to get the feeling that David Lynch and Mark Frost are just screwing with us now. Even if they are, we’re loving it, even at the Roadhouse. Corinna Bechko joins us in our jaw dropping reactions to the latest from Twin Peaks.


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2 Comments on “DFP #43 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 13

  1. Just before the credits roll, when Big Ed is eating his takeout-soup he puts it down on the table, but the reflection in the storefront glass shows him still holding the cup. After a few seconds, the reflection suddenly syncs up to reality again and the cup goes down.

  2. Clearly, the dimensional infrastructure is quite visible in this series.

    Bad Coop behaves like a MiB, that Accountant seems to confirm such

    Discarnate video, reflective surfaces,

    Also, the whole series initially was supposed to be in North Dakota.

    The trash zombies seem to be near Ed’s gas farm

    He also looked like The Wolfman from House of Frightens twin

    In A Slice of Lynch he mentions frog moths in an anecdote

    Plot device that people seem to be oblivious to.


    That concerns Intervals of ‘nothing’

    However, most obvious precedent The Angriest Dog in the world comic strip, look it up, explains pacing of The Return

    We all know atom split signaled aliens… Etc…

    Mulholland Drive, that thing outside at Winky’s

    Also, season two with Variations on Relations episode 26 i believe The Puzzle Box, co written by Mark Frost

    It’s a box like Mulholland Drive,

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