DFP #41 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 11

Bobby and Shelly, Gordon and Trash Hobos, Dougie and the Mitchum Brothers and…Gersten Hayward?!?! Gabriel Hardman returns to process the latest chapter of Twin Peaks.


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4 Comments on “DFP #41 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 11

  1. I saw the kid’s ‘soul’ in ep.6 as a cloud of yellow garmonbozia, that filtered above directly through the electricity wires, emphasised by the ominous zoom on the pole at the end of the scene.

  2. I doubt that Miriam’s trailer actually exploded. He opened the gas oven and he lit the candle, but the window on the door was completely busted out. I doubt the gas had a chance to build up to explode. (Plus, surely an explosion would have attracted attention!) I expect she just got out and crawled towards where she knew there were people.

    I can’t believe that was Gersten! I noticed her name in the credits, but I’d swear that Alicia Witt had said she wasn’t involved, so I thought maybe she was just in a photo somewhere. So surprised!

    Always enjoy your discussions Monday morning. Thanks again!

  3. I originally thought the frog fly crawled into Sarah Palmer’s mouth also but then upon watching a second time, I noticed that there were many eggs being vomited out of that creature’s mouth (Experiment per the credits). I think we were witnessing only one of many frog flies that crawled into mouths. If you recall, when the Woodsman was repeatedly reciting the poem over the air waves, all of the townspeople were falling asleep. I believe this was done in order to create an opportunity for the frog flies to crawl into many mouths. I think the girl was one instance. Her innocence made the scene more disturbing which is probably why the writer/director focused on her.

  4. I think, “Yup, he’s dead.” was my favourite line of the whole episode.

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