DFP #38 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 8

As the credits rolled, we were left wondering…”What was THAT?” Anthony Carboni returns to the show, hoping to talk Dougie but thanks to David Lynch, the conversation takes another, very odd turn.


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9 Comments on “DFP #38 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 8

  1. Can’t remember if her backstory is mentioned in The Secret History, but: is perhaps frogbug (I love that) going into Sarah, Laura Palmer’s mother?

    • not sure the age works out, but I’d think it’s more likely to be Leland Palmer’s mother. Here’s why:

      The frog bug was puked out along with bob and a bunch of other eggs. I suspect that being that puked that stuff out is very much in the ‘evil’ camp of the lodges. It seems unlikely to be affiliated with the pure spirit of laura.

      Also, I’m guessing that the frog bug is going to make that girl pregnant right quick. ie, the ‘child’ is too old to be Laura. but might be in the right range to be Leland.

      Basically the headless being puked out the spirit of bob and a bunch of eggs that would serve as hosts for him.

  2. This episode was glorious! Maybe the best TV since Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander.
    How on earth did you not enjoy it?

  3. Really sad you guys didn’t enjoy it. You have to be true to your honest impressions but I completely disagree. This is one of my favourite episodes of TV, maybe ever, and to not share that wonder with a podcast I like is disheartening. I really feel in this case you missed the boat.

    • Listen to our next episode, I think you’ll find our opinions evolved after digesting it a bit…

  4. There is a connection to New Mexico from “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” though it’s difficult to see it being used in our current timeline. Dougie Milford lived there with his wife at some point. In fact, Dougie Milford has connections all over this story but, we rarely hear his name mentioned even though he’s an important person in the history of the town and has played a part in the ultimate mystery.

  5. Glad you got a chance to rethink your feeling about this episode. After watching it last night, I thought to myself, Well Ron and Tom are going to love this one because it expands the mythology of Twin Peaks. So when you didn’t like it, I was disappointed. In the middle of the second opinion episode now.

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