DFP #37 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 7

Doc Hayward returns via Skype, plus just the right amount of Dougie, finally, more Diane and a swept up Road House. This part was jam packed and we welcome special guest author Daniel Abraham, one half of James S.A. Corey, the authors of The Expanse book series.


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3 Comments on “DFP #37 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 7

  1. In regards to the ring finger spiritual thing –

    I’m very* very happy to see you again old friend

    The very* is the spiritual finger, the finger that was reversed to appear normal in the prints (so in reality it is backwards).

    Cole exclaims ‘the backwards word!’ as in when he sees badcoop for the first time – ‘I’m yrev* very happy to see you again old friend’.

    The links showing that Cole’s somewhat aware of Badcoops spirit as being reversed/upside down (doppleganger).

  2. Secondly..

    Theories are abound that the Arm is the electrical pole/s. In FWWM you hear the sound the arm makes at the shot of the pole, and later ‘let’s rock’ is on the car.

    The arm is also literally an electrical tree with a node on top. We also see it’s reflection in Richards truck mirror when he parks in the woods in ep.6, complete with spooky noise. However, it’s not actually clear if the pole is in the woods or not.

    All suggests that the arm/electric pole may even be able to travel around fairly inconspicuously, remember the trailer park was in Oregon, and it’s not 100% confirmed if the accident junction is the same as FWWM, though it does look similar.

    We see the accident happen and the soul/garmonbozia float up through the telephone wires. It’s possible that the arm has engineered, or manipulated the accident into happening at this spot (controlling traffic lights, or through some other manipulation). It’s possible Red is the grandson magician, we see him ‘controlling’ Richard’s perception. The Arm and Red could be in on it together. (I’m stretching it a bit now)

    It’s hard to say if it’s the dopple-arm or not because remember all the black lodge spirits need their garmonbozia, so there’s always a pinch of evil.

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