DFP #35 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 5

We tune in for another day in the life of Dougie and a chilling reveal. Mallory O’Meara joins us again to decipher some of the mysteries in this next part as we scramble to buy one of Dr. Amp’s shovels.


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7 Comments on “DFP #35 – Twin Peaks: The Return Part 5

  1. What if………The Horne in question is not Ben’s kid….Not Audrey’s kid…not Jerry’s kid…………but Audrey’s kid.

    I mean she is a Horne no?

    Just food for thought

      • Yes! Donna, I circled back here days later because I realized I made the mistake.

  2. My theory: Before (or possibly after, ) he went underground, Mr. C hooked up with Audrey. Isn’t that the first thing a Cooper without moral inhibitions would do? This explains our new Horne’s behaviour (it really makes sense if you watch him closely) and it might make Audrey the girl Albert and Gordon is going to see. She
    w o u l d spend her time drinking at the Roadhouse if this was the case..

    She might have passed him off as John Justice Wheeler’s son as well, that would be plausible timewise.

  3. You mention the Rancho Rosa and RR diner. Note the two red Rs highlighted on the production logo at the start.

    Other connections to Twin Peaks include: Owls hooting, Sycamore Street, Glastonbury Grove/Lancelot Court, native land.

    Other observations in dougieland – red balloons. One in drugmoms house, several all over the meringue sculpture outside Dougie’s work. Possibly some on the pictures in the background of the office meeting.

    ‘In dreamland again buddy?’ asks Dougie’s workmate, or words to that extent.

    So suggestions and illusions to a fabricated/dream reality in Rancho Rosa/Dougieland (would also explain why everything is so ridiculous), possibly related to Cooper exiting electrical socket 15 and not 3 (or whichever it was), did blind lady shifting the electrobell switch do something to reality? The magician longs to see – a chant between two worlds.

    Otherwise, the Twin Peaks/sycamore similarities etc. could merely mean that this is another area close to the border between the two worlds.

    Of course, these could also be red herrings, knowing Mr. Lynch.

    • i was thinking that reality itself was being changed by Dougie’s presence.
      The idea of switching between dreamland and reality would also fit with Mullholland Drive where we get a switch after the cowboy tells Naomi Watts “it’s time to wake up”
      Becoming more convinced it’s all connected.

      Not seen episode 6 yet though.

  4. Oh I forgot, Secret History states that Audrey was in a coma after the explosion at the end of season 2, so any Mister C / Audrey shenanigans would be rape, probably.

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